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Operating with the strictest hygiene rules

HellenicPlast operates according to high quality standards, following strict hygiene rules throughout the entire range of processes, treating the products it produces as food for consumption. The specially designed area of the production unit satisfies all the requirements defined by national and community legislation, the raw materials come from internationally recognized European houses and frequent checks along with strict monitoring throughout the production process, storage and handling of the products, ensure high levels of hygiene and quality. HellenicPlast packaging products meet the strictest European and international quality standards and comply with the relevant legislation and the general directives of the European Union regarding materials intended to come into direct contact with food.

Ensuring high quality

Ensuring high quality is not an option but an obligation. HellenicPlast is certified and operates under international ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Standards, including HACCP, BRCGS Packaging and IMS/FDA study. In addition, it has the HΑLAL certification, which is a combination of control of religious requirements and production requirements, directly related to the safety and "purity" of products.